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We are proud to share our SSCL ‘Women in IT’ digital case studies; a project we have been working on to showcase what we do specifically within SSCL IT, how we support the rest of the organisation and how we can inspire the next generation of women to join us at SSCL.

Bridget Kenyon joined SSCL in 2023, click here to find out how she became our Chief Information Security Officer and the challenges she tackles.

Shannon Burgees joined SSCL in 2019 on the Management Graduate Scheme, click here to find out about her transition to Digital Transformation Lead in SSCL IT.

Janine Royle has recently taken on the role of Information Security Governance Audit and Bid Support Lead, click here to find out more about her role and her career so far.

We look forward to sharing our ‘Women in IT’ stories at upcoming recruitment fairs. See you there!