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New platforms, modern processes and increased accessibility.

Following a successful service transfer in 2020, we assured the ongoing delivery of excellent Business As Usual (BAU) services. We are currently focused on delivering transformation and value adding technology, providing new platforms and more modern methods of working.

We’re introducing digital access to services such as pensions and compensation. These will hugely enhance the user experience and better enable self-service. We’re also working to deliver smartphone-accessible web pages to enable users to connect to services more directly including via an enhanced Veterans Portal.

We operate a wholly safe and secure service with all records and we’re data protected to the highest levels.

Cloud services deliver better and quicker decision making.

A key part of this work is to move services to the Cloud, making future changes quicker, smoother and less costly.  Cloud services will also support better decision-making by improving access to accurate, well-structured management information and data.

We’re proud of our work at the MOD.
Here are a few facts and stats:


We disburse and account for £9bn, including £3.8bn in pensions in 80 currencies to 100+ countries annually.


We support the largest single HMRC tax and NI submission annually (>£2bn).


We deliver over 235,000 individual payments and 70 payrolls every month.


We’ve digitised circa 10m military records for the MoD.


410,000 pension payments processed each month.


123,000 service personnel wills safely and securely stored.