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A track record of success in Government.

Our success comes from our long experience of working with the Government. Many SSCL people are former civil and public servants themselves. This ensures we have a deep understanding of Government plans, priorities, and processes, enabling us to offer unique insights and design solutions that deliver great results.

Smart, cloud-based solutions.

We’re particularly proud of our track record of innovation. We’re delivering a broad range of digital, automated solutions, developing smarter processes, and offering more Cloud-based, Gen AI and hyperautomation solutions to make Government services even more effective.

The powerful combination of the right people with the right technology and ongoing innovation allows us to enhance the citizen experience, offer value, enhance quality and ultimately deliver better outcomes for all.

Digital corridor

The proof

Some big facts about our work for the Government. Each year we:

363 billion

Process over £363 billion in payments.

Process 6.77 million transactions.


Process 1.5 million invoices.


Process over 1.2 million recruitment applications.


Provide services for around 300,000 customers.


Pay 550,000 public servants.


Provide business process services to 22 departments and agencies.

Since 2013, we have delivered savings to Government of more than £400 million.


SSCL’s partnership with the Construction Industry Training Board (CITB) is dedicated to ensuring the construction workforce has the right skills for now and the future. The SSCL team creates positive experiences by making every customer journey and interaction, simple, straightforward, and easy.

Our solutions and services manage Levy and Grants, Apprenticeships, Learning and Development along with CITB’s IT Infrastructure, and through this, we put our client and their customers at the center of everything we do. Our joint objectives include improving exemplary customer service, improving access to grants and funding, and improving end-to-end customer journeys and experience.

Our commitment to CITB is to provide high-speed quality services in a cost-effective and efficient manner. Our approach is to create a collaborative joint working environment that fosters mutual value positively impacts the CITB Mission Statement and has a dynamic impact on their long-term strategy:


  • Building a stronger board-level relationship.
  • SSCL is viewed as the Partner of choice for all BPO solutions.
  • Developing a “single voice” for relationship and growth management.
  • Leveraging input and experience from cross-functional teams.
  • Ensure the SSCL team works together to ensure CITB meets its business needs.
  • Determine solutions that are important for joint success and deliver an agreed ROI.
  • Immediately addresses the drive to deliver self-service, automated, and digitized services.