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In the early hours of Saturday 22 June our team of hikers made it to the summit of Bleaberry Fell and lit up their peak in the Lake District in support of Care Of Police Survivors (COPS).

David Parsons, Managing Director, SSCL Police & Resourcing said:

“This is a wonderful event bringing Police forces from across the UK for an important cause and an inspiring charity. They are there for families and loved ones of Officers, at a time of greatest need. We’re in absolute awe of their work, passion, and commitment.

“We’re privileged to be a part of their extended family and to support their fundraising. It is always and honour and joy to support Vinny Wagjiani and his amazing team from the Light the Lakes who put their hearts and souls into organising this event. We are proud to sponsor and support your tireless work.

“It’s a humbling experience to be involved, and the least we can do to support such an amazing charity.”

A huge congratulations to all who took part!

To continue to support this brilliant event visit: