SSCL is a key part of the Government’s Next Generation Shared Services strategy, and an enabler for public sector reform

SSCL Police has been established to provide high quality and highly efficient shared services for UK Police forces, working in partnership with our Police clients to continually improve and develop our portfolio of services.

SSCL Police delivers HR, Finance & Accounting, Procurement and Payroll services. We support Police clients to join through a proven process that takes between four and eight months from mandating a project to exploring the opportunities of working with SSCL to signing contracts.

Our services achieve a balance between meeting Police-specific business requirements, such as Police Recruitment and Promotions, and standardised services in common with SSCL’s other clients, thereby maximising quality and efficiency.

Centres of Excellence

We have four Centres of Excellence in the UK and two in India. The creation of Centres of Excellence enables us to take a holistic, sustainable approach bringing together people with the skills, knowledge and expertise to promote best practice, to drive successful business outcomes and to achieve greater business efficiency.

Our People

We current employ 2,230 people and our employees bring a unique mix of public sector and private sector skills and expertise – a real understanding of our clients and their individual requirements.


For Police clients we have P-SOP, a single operating platform preconfigured to support standardised Police business processes for HR, Finance & Accounting, Procurement and Payroll. Police officers and staff will be able to submit expense approvals online and buy permitted services and goods through the system. P-SOP is easy to use and provides a user portal and interface comparable with everyday web applications to ensure efficiency, accuracy and speed.


We currently deliver shared services for the Metropolitan Police Service, with 55,000 Police officers and staff service users.
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