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UK Public Sector Paperless Awards

This year’s UK Public Sector Paperless Awards takes place on 11 July and we are proud to announce that we have been shortlisted in the category for the Best Digital Document Management Award.

We provide an end-to-end file management service for each of our customers - a personnel file that is held in long-term storage containing documentation relating to the entire life cycle of that employee.

File recalling can often be time consuming and expensive but to combat this we have designed a Digitise on Demand file service.

The benefits have been huge! It’s vastly improved the turnaround time for provision of data whilst improving data security and reducing the risks associated with physical storage of paper.

Once the file is digitised, data requests can be met in one day – reduced from the standard 5 – 10 day turnaround – dramatically reducing costs and time.

Since launching this service we have digitised over 50% of employee files for the client in question – with further files due to be digitised.

This is a great transition from paper storage to digital in an effective, controlled and fully managed way.


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