Shared Services Connected Limited (SSCL*) has extensive expertise in delivering large-scale, complex transformation programmes using our award-winning framework.

We continues to play an important role in supporting the Government’s digital transformation strategy to build capability, increase capacity and drive innovation across the largest Government departments.

This is achieved by working closely with clients to deliver more digital, automated solutions. In this way we have developed smarter processes that enable quicker services and improve the end user experience.

We provide the following services for our Government clients:

Taking care of your most valuable asset: Your people

SSCL provides a wide range of award-winning HR and payroll services to meet the complex requirements of our large clients. We handle everything from large-scale recruitment to attendance management and disciplinary support services, all the way through to providing high quality management reporting. Our experienced team delivers accurate payroll administration, including comprehensive voluntary deductions and pension schemes. We also process a wide range of allowances, advances, special payments and expenses.

Finance and Procurement in Safe Hands

SSCL provides a complete Finance and Accounting service, giving clients more control and improved management information to support better decision-making. Whether financial accounting, invoicing, debt collection or providing high quality business intelligence, we provide a holistic approach. Our Procurement Team combines commercial expertise with extensive public sector experience to maximise the buying power that comes with economies of scale – achieving better value and saving money.

Managing Talent Acquisition to Meet Demand

With our award-winning approach to recruitment - including using Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence and Digital Vetting - We can support all requirements, from business as usual services right through to even the most challenging high volume recruitment campaigns.

We manage internal and external recruitment such as checking references, issuing contracts and post-recruitment services and are constantly looking for innovative new ways to speed up processes to make our approach even more cost effective, quick and efficient.

Providing High Quality Contact Centre Services

SSCL is continually investing in technology to make it easier and more convenient to self-serve using our Single Operating Platform. However, due to the sensitive and complex nature of what we do, our Customer Contact Centre is also on hand to support people with any queries, guidance or issues. In addition to supporting employees from client organisations, the Customer Contact Centre also has teams managing specialist services for our clients; for example, we manage the switchboard for over 180 prisons.

Putting Management Intelligence at Your Fingertips

With over six million transactions processed every year, SSCL has a wealth of data that has the opportunity to provide useful business intelligence. SSCL has a reporting service used by many of our clients to help them use their data more effectively.

We provide the management information our clients need to make informed decisions and we also provide better business intelligence reporting.

*SSCL is a trading name of Shared Services Connected Ltd.

Case Study

Download the case study: Transformational technology.

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