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Finance & Accounting

We provide a complete Finance & Accounting service, giving clients more control and improved management information to support better decision-making.

Financial accounting

Our comprehensive service includes period and year-end accounting processes and the production of all standard and statutory financial statements and associated management information. We also provide for specific accounting requirements to give you more control, and management information for better decision-making.

Management accounting

We prepare management reports and accounts, and analyse and communicate accurate and timely financial information enabling you to plan, evaluate and control decisions.

Finance operations

We can provide customised and secure general ledgers including the full integration of sub-ledgers, a comprehensive VAT reporting and accounting service and fixed asset management, cash management, bank reconciliation and inter-agency accounting. Comprehensive reconciliation of balances and client-specific reconciliation performance reporting give full balance sheet assurance.

Additional accounting services

Our consultancy services include treasury management, VAT and tax advice, and technical financial advice. We also support client projects, including cost allocation, financial reporting and other management information to support project management.

Revenue and billing

Our services range from customer management to invoicing and billing, income collection, debt management, revenue reporting and credit checks.

Business intelligence

We provide the management information our clients need to make informed decisions, and we also provide better business intelligence reporting.

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Our Services

Finance & Accounting, HR & Payroll and Procurement plus specialist Government and Police-specific services.
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