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Environmental Policy

Purpose/What does it do?
Sopra Steria recognises the impact of its day-to-day operations on the environment, and that protection of the environment is essential for the long-term success of its business.

It measures, monitors and manages its environmental impact with the aims of continually improving its environmental performance while integrating environmental management with its business objectives.

Sopra Steria applies its principle of continual improvement to the management of its impact on the environment.

Scope/ Applicability
This policy applies to all of Sopra Steria UK in the provision of professional service solutions including systems integration, managed service delivery and associated support functions.

It embraces four subsidiary policies covering specific aspects of Sopra Steria’s environmental impact and environmental management: Energy Policy; Greenhouse Gas Emissions Policy; Waste Policy; Water Policy, as well as having a material influence on the Sustainable Procurement Policy.

Responsibility and Organisation
Management within Sopra Steria has specific responsibility for the development and coordination of policy and the evaluation of performance. Designated managers will maintain and uphold this Environmental Policy in fulfilment of this responsibility.

They will ensure that environmental impacts of the company’s processes and activities are effectively managed in order to protect the health and safety of employees, customers and the public whilst contributing to the future well-being of the environment and supporting business strategies.

To ensure that the Policy is implemented in full, the company will

• provide the information and support to all employees necessary to ensure that they understand and are able to fulfil the relevant aspects of the Policy in their day-to-day work

• make appropriate resources available for managerial oversight, regular auditing and review, and external certification and verification where appropriate

The Policy shall be publicly displayed and made available to interested parties on request. In order to maintain their effectiveness, it and its subsidiary policies will be reviewed and amended annually

• Set clear objectives for the management of significant aspects of the company’s environmental impacts and associated obligations for compliance with regulations and relevant national and international policies and agreements (such as those on climate change)

• Conduct all operations in compliance and conformance with relevant environmental regulations, national and international policies and agreements, and environmental objectives that the company has set itself

• Consider risks and opportunities with the aim of continually improving the company's environmental performance and management system

• Show a continual commitment to the prevention of pollution – including uncontrolled atmospheric emissions - through the use of operational controls, training and risk assessment

• Consider the environmental impact of the goods and services that we procure across their whole lifecycle

• Measure and monitor environmental performance and seek feedback from stakeholders on that performance and this Policy

Policy Approved by: John Neilson, CEO, Shared Services Connected Ltd              Issue Date: June 2018

Policy Issued by: Avinash Lunj
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